Sensory Experiences I Love

Photo by dreamwhile via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons.
Photo by dreamwhile via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons.

My sensory sensitivity isn’t all bad news. I am also capable of receiving intense pleasure and joy from the right sensory input. These are the things that make life worth living:


  • The smell of rain.
  • The smell of bread baking, or something with cinnamon, cloves, and apples.
  • The scent of plug-in air fresheners. A lot of people with odor sensitivity don’t like artificial smells, but I love them, if it’s the right type of scent. I like cinnamon and cloves, vanilla, nuts, and some fruity scents. I don’t care for most flowery ones.


  • Salty-sweet combinations, like salted caramels. My favourite is Purdy’s Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels.
  • Flavoured, loose leaf black tea, like chai or anything nutty and/or chocolaty, brewed strong and served with lots of sweetener and whole milk.
  • White rum with club soda and lime over ice.


  • Having my back gently stroked (by my husband). This is my favourite thing in the world. I also like having the top of my foot gently stroked. I often rub the top of my foot against the sheet-covered mattress when in bed.
  • Long hair on my bare back.
  • Stroking my cat’s fur.
  • Wearing an over-sized, soft, comfy sweater.
  • The way the air feels in the fall. Crunchy leaves under my shoes. Crisp air and cool breezes.


  • Beautiful scenery. Rolling hills. Cityscapes. City lights.
  • White fairy lights in a dim room.
  • A Christmas tree decorated in white and silver.
  • Adorable kitten faces.


  • The sound of rain.
  • The sound of traffic going by on the highway.
  • Good music. Indie, electronica, downtempo, etc.

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