Happy New Year!

Tonight I’ve been hanging out at home with my husband and my cat. Sometimes I watch New Year’s celebrations from around the world and wish I were someplace else like London or Sydney, but the fact is, I was in England for New Year’s one year, and we could have gone into London, but we actually stayed in then too. If I were at some big city’s celebration, inevitably I’d be overstimulated, uncomfortable, and overwhelmed. I would probably have to go to the bathroom repeatedly, and then vomit from the state of whatever toilet I’d found (it doesn’t take much to set me off). I’d probably get low blood sugar, not be able to find food I could tolerate, and have to eat something I’d been carrying around in my purse, then be paranoid that someone might be videoing me with their phone and putting me on YouTube with the caption, “Chubby chick eats in public,” or something like that.

Home is the best place for me. And to be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed this evening. My husband and I have similar senses of humour and crack each other up with jokes about stuff we watch on TV and we cuddle and it’s really, really nice.

Here’s a song I can relate to that I will remember from the last year (not that I’m buying “$100 bottles” of anything like the lyrics say, but I do think there’s a “flaw in my code”).

WARNING: Explicit, NSFW lyrics.


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