Word Mash

Photo from Photofunia

Does anyone else have the tendency to mash up words?

My husband and I are both Beatles fans, and wanting to share with him a tidbit I’d read about them, I said, “It says in their spio…” I meant “Spotify bio” but I left out some syllables and mashed the two words together. I do this quite a bit.

Also, sometimes I can’t think of a word, so I substitute another random word that my brain thinks is related somehow. My dad does this too, but then, unlike me, English isn’t his first language. The results can be quite humourous. My dad and I crack each other up sometimes with our attempts to communicate.

Of course, bursting out laughing at what’s come out of my own mouth only compounds my communication difficulties, especially when I’m talking to someone outside my immediate family. Sometimes I can’t stop laughing and I end up wheezing and almost crying. This likely leaves the person I’m talking to thinking I’m completely insane. And yet people still tell me I communicate well. Go figure.


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