One of My Little Quirks: I Like Spoilers

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I like knowing what’s going to happen in a movie or TV show before I watch it. I prefer it, in fact. Perhaps this is related to not liking surprises. But it’s more than that. It helps me decide if I want to bother watching it or not. And if I decide I do, it increases my anticipation and then my enjoyment of seeing how it all unfolds to get to the end result that I know is coming.

Also, I don’t process things quickly, so a bit of advance knowledge helps me understand the plot, especially in fast-paced movies. How I wish I could have the same advantage in life!

I have had to learn that other people don’t feel the same way. In fact, I gather that most other people can’t even enjoy a movie or TV show if they already know the ending. This is one of those areas where taking the Golden Rule literally backfires on me. If I do to others what I would have them do to me, I will come across as an obnoxious ass by spoiling things for people. I admit I have done this in the past, just because I didn’t realize how people felt about it and I assumed they would appreciate it the way I do. Reading people’s posts online has taught me otherwise. I’m sorry, people. I have learned my lesson and I won’t do it again.


3 thoughts on “One of My Little Quirks: I Like Spoilers

  1. I would love to have spoilers for life! It would certainly make things easier for me, as I would be able to plan for the future, and I think it would reduce my anxiety a lot to know what was going to happen as I went along. I know this is a reason why I like to read the same books and watch the same movies and show over and over. I find it calming to know what comes next.

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