My Marriage

Photo from Photofunia

I know it looks bad that my life is so stressful and unsettled because of my husband’s career. I know it probably looks like I would be better off on my own. But if you’ve read some of my past posts, you know that I could not provide a stable life for myself when I was single, either. I didn’t get married until I was 31, so it’s not like marriage is all I’ve ever known. I started out my young adult life assuming I could take care of myself and soon finding out that I couldn’t. My quality of life is far better now than it was then.

My marriage actually feels like the one thing I’m getting right and is a great source of joy in my life. Whenever we spend time with other people socially, I find myself feeling grateful that my husband is the one I get to come home with, because being with him is so much more enjoyable than being with anyone else. We are very compatible and we laugh together a lot. And he gets me, which is an incredibly rare thing.

When everything else is going to shit, at least my husband and I have each other, and on every level, it is so much better than going it alone. He is good for me, and good to me, in all the ways that really matter.




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