A New Blog: Welcomed Back

welcomed backI have started another blog called Welcomed Back. Right now I’m using it to explore my thoughts and feelings about the possibility of moving back in with my parents next month. My husband is still looking for work and if he finds something in time and we don’t have to take this drastic step, I will delete the blog. But if we carry through with the move, I will write about our experiences adjusting to that new life. Maybe there are people out there going through similar things who will be able to relate.

I will still maintain this blog, and there might be some overlap between the two, but in this one I will continue to share my Aspie feelings and reactions to things, while Welcomed Back will be on a more surface level for a general audience. Or at least I will try to keep it that way.

I do find blog writing to be very therapeutic and this might be one of the things that will help me cope with it all.


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